About Richard E. Wesslund

Rick is Founder and Chairman of BDC Advisors. In this capacity, he has overall leadership responsibility for client engagements, including academic medical centers, health plans, hospital systems, and medical groups.

It’s Not So Simple: Why Provider Organizations Need ‘A Strategy for the Middle’

Writing in December 2016 hfm Magazine BDC Managing Directors Bill Eggbeer, Rick Wesslund, and Steve Weylandt explore why provider systems need a “Strategy For the Middle” that both accommodates the transition to value as well as accounting for nine critical market realities and their implications for executive decision making. The authors reason that while the transition to value is likely to continue, the current market uncertainties makes it essential for all health systems to have a market-specific private payer strategy addressing all key payer segments including traditional fee-for service commercial, Medicare advantage, and managed Medicaid.

BDC Advisors Becomes Founding Sponsor of Newly Introduced Fellowship to Promote Gender Equity in Health Care Leadership

The Carol Emmott Fellowship, a newly formed fellowship for women leaders in health aimed at addressing gender inequity in health leadership, will launch its inaugural program on November 1, 2016.

Provider Venture Capital Funds: Investing in Innovation

As an increasing number of health systems move into the realm of venture capital investing, they can benefit from the lessons learned from corporations and provider VC funds that have pioneered the market. Based on In-depth interviews with 22 market-leading not-for-profit systems this BDC insight paper and HFM Magazine May cover story highlights lessons learned by leading players in the provider VC world, their approach to innovation and rationale for investing, and the critical success factors along the way.

National Accountable Care Congress

November 17, 2015, Los Angeles, CA

Accountable Care News: October 2015

Accountable Care News: October 2015, Thought Leaders’ Corner, Bill Eggbeer, Managing Director, responds to editor’s question regarding product-based ACO trend.

Healthcare Financial Management Association Announces BDC’s Bill Eggbeer as a Winner of hfm Magazine’s Best Article Award for FY2015

"Health Care’s New Game Changer: Thinking Like a Health Plan" by Bill Eggbeer, Managing Director of BDC’s Payer-Provider Innovation Practice, and his colleague Krista Bowers, has been selected to receive the Helen Yerger/L. Van Seawell Award for outstanding editorial achievement in hfm Magazine in FY 2015.

Succeeding as an ACO: Establishing a SNF Preferred Provider Network

October 16, 2015, MCOL Webinar


October 15, 2015, Hollywood, Florida

The Leadership Institute Roundtable

October 9, 2015, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Accountable Care News: August 2015

Accountable Care News: August 2015, Thought Leaders’ Corner David Fairchild, MD, Director, responds to editor’s query regarding the MMSP ACO Final Rule