Health Enterprise Strategy

Refocus your strategy to prosper in a new,
value-based healthcare environment

The transformation of healthcare from a volume-based model to a value-based, consumer-centric model is changing the strategic playbook for health systems. Increasing consolidation and the emergence of new and unexpected competitors further drives the need to act and adapt. Recognizing the level and pace of change in the industry, many healthcare organizations have launched numerous initiatives; however, these initiatives are not always organized around a common direction, nor do they always yield expected results.

Setting or fine-tuning a strategy to tackle these realities, and executing on that strategy decisively and comprehensively, is necessary for success. BDC Advisors has extensive experience designing and managing strategic planning processes aimed at building competitive advantage for top-tier health systems. Our processes are highly customized and leverage proprietary analytic frameworks and predictive models.

As the health sector consolidates, one particular area of health enterprise strategy we are deeply involved in is facilitating health system integration through:

  • Mergers
  • Strategic alliances
  • Affiliations
  • Various types of contractual relationships.

Whatever structural form integration takes, one of the most important front-end steps is defining a strategic vision and value proposition for the combined entity that aligns with the strategic interests of both partners, has potential benefits for both, and can motivate and engage their constituents.

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We specialize in designing and managing strategic planning processes aimed at building competitive advantage for top-tier health systems.

Meet Our Practice Leaders

Steve Weylandt

Steve Weylandt
Managing Director

Steve has been working as a consultant for over 35 years. He focuses on developing strategies and financial plans necessary for provider organizations to successfully make the transition to the emerging population health management market.

Michael J. Schwartz

Michael J. Schwartz

Michael has over 15 years of experience in clinical performance improvement, corporate strategy, and product line business planning. He focuses on assisting care delivery organizations design and implement value-based contracting infrastructure and comprehensive financial and clinical outcomes analytics systems.


Aamer Mumtaz

Aamer has 20 years of senior consulting experience in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, and energy markets. His practice at BDC Advisors focuses on major academic health systems and integrated provider delivery systems.

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