Organization Design & Development

Ensure your system’s structures and operating models are
constructed to best execute the strategic goals of your organization

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As health systems grow, their organizational structures and underlying cultures become more important; once they cross the $5 billion threshold, these become critical success factors. Organization design requires building new skills to support new strategies.

It involves changing management structures, building new management systems and processes, and adapting shared values and culture. It often requires adapting leadership styles and replacing key staff to energize the organization and reinforce these changes. BDC Advisors has a deep background and extensive practical experience linking organization design and development with health systems’ strategic goals.

One important organization structure, service lines, has traditionally been an imperative growth engine for health systems. BDC has extensive experience working with a wide range of clinical programs and service lines, from cancer and cardiovascular services to musculoskeletal, children’s services, and ophthalmology. The main change we have seen — and often helped create — has been specialists taking leadership roles in building these programs and improving their performance.

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Organization Design & Development involves changing management structures, building new management systems and processes, and adapting shared values and culture.

Meet Our Practice Leaders

David G. Anderson, Ph.D.

David G. Anderson, PhD

Dave’s practice focuses on large community, academic and investor-owned health systems, health plans, and specialty providers — especially children’s health systems and multi-disciplinary cancer and cardiovascular centers and institutes. He has directed a variety of strategic and operational consulting engagements focused on assisting academic medical centers and regional health systems develop new business strategies and organizational relationships to prosper in the emerging population health reform market.

Michael J. Schwartz

Michael J. Schwartz

Michael has over 15 years of experience in clinical performance improvement, corporate strategy, and product line business planning. He focuses on assisting care delivery organizations design and implement value-based contracting infrastructure and comprehensive financial and clinical outcomes analytics systems.


Aamer Mumtaz

Aamer has 20 years of senior consulting experience in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, and energy markets. His practice at BDC Advisors focuses on major academic health systems and integrated provider delivery systems.

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