The BDC Advisors Difference

BDC Advisors has built its reputation as a partner for transformation and growth by challenging established thinking, forging new insights, and effectively collaborating with clients to create the healthcare organizations of tomorrow. We are dedicated to “leading constructive change” and building competitive advantage for our clients. We provide results through our:

Our business model is specifically tailored for the needs of complex healthcare organizations, with on-site teams heavily weighted with seasoned consultants with extensive experience in finance, strategy, marketing, organization, governance, and management issues. Our experience and track record of achieving results allows us to work independently, communicate efficiently with client leadership, and build consensus around organizational goals and objectives.
We work with sophisticated clients in many of the most advanced healthcare markets in the country. Our team members are asked to speak as thought leaders at conferences and board retreats across the country, and are frequent contributors to leading industry publications. Our experience of looking both at the current state of the industry and “around the corner,” combined with our focus on developing actionable recommendations, pushes us to develop creative, customized, and advanced solutions.
Since our inception in 1990, many of our projects focus on developing productive new relationships between hospitals, physician groups, and health insurers. We have long been known as a “physician-friendly” firm, and we continue to add highly respected physician consultants to our ranks. Physicians play leading roles in all of our engagements and provide a critical voice in guiding our solutions.
BDC Advisors has developed proven frameworks and analytic processes. We complete rigorous financial analysis of the markets we work in and clients we work with, applying our proprietary approaches to understand where the market is going, so we have the highest quality information available as we jointly determine how to guide an organization forward.
BDC Advisors has developed proven frameworks and processes to help clients strengthen governance and management to achieve results. We have a particular understanding of complex organizations and change processes.