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BDC Advisors Expanding Focus to Meet New Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers Today

Miami, Florida, March 29, 2022, (PR Newswire), for immediate release — BDC Advisors, a national healthcare strategy consulting firm, today announced it was expanding its focus and adding resources to meet the new challenges facing healthcare providers in today’s markets. Andy Ziskind, MD, BDC’s new Managing Director and CEO, explained that “given today’s market trends and the expanding footprint of health providers across the country, BDC Advisors will increase its focus on Mergers, Acquisitions and Growth.” In addition, Ziskind confirmed that to meet the increased demand for its consulting services, BDC was continuing to add proven industry leaders to its executive team. These new leaders will bolster the firm’s capabilities in the areas of payer – provider relationships, physician alignment, and strategic positioning. In addition to Dr. Ziskind’s own recent appointment, BDC’s commitment to growth is evidenced by the recent hiring of Chris Smedley, Director, and Principals Jonathan Felix, and Semyon Shtulberg– all of whom have extensive payer and provider consulting experience.

Expanded Focus: Mergers, Acquisitions and Growth

Bolstered Resources: Restructuring payer provider relationships organizing durable models of physician alignment strategically positioning health systems for growth.

Health Enterprise Strategy & Organization Reimagining healthcare strategies and the organizational design needed to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Physician Enterprise Transformation Redefining sustainable medical group alignment and performance while maintaining a relentless focus on clinician wellness and patient experience.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Growth Ensuring effective partner selection, deal structure, execution, and performance to achieve strategic goals.

Population Health Management Moving from the development of risk-based structures to achieving durable levels of performance in delivering effective population health management.

Payer – Provider Innovation Seizing new and innovative contracting and partnership opportunities in a shifting payer-provider landscape.


ABOUT BDC ADVISORS BDC Advisors is a national healthcare strategy consulting firm that transforms and grows healthcare organizations. Media Contact: Dudley Morris, 312-286-4865,


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