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It’s Not So Simple:
Why Provider Organizations Need a Strategy For the Middle

Writing in December 2016 hfm Magazine, BDC Managing Directors Bill Eggbeer, Rick Wesslund, and Steve Weylandt explore why provider systems need a “Strategy For the Middle” to accommodate the transition to value and to account for nine critical market realities.

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Healthcare’s New Game Changer: Thinking Like a Health Plan

The shift towards value-based care is blurring the lines between providers and payers. To meet new market expectations, hospitals and health systems are taking a page from the playbook of insurers as they design an approach for population health management.

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Next Generation Healthcare:
Employer-led innovations for healthcare delivery and payment reform

After two decades of applying the usual levers of benefit design to improve employee health and rein in costs, large employers are taking things into their own hands and are collaborating directly with providers.

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