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Case Study

Developed a Growth Strategy for a Provider-Owned Accountable Care Network
in the Bay Area

Health Enterprise Strategy & Organization

Concrete Wall

Founded by a world-renowned academic health system and regionally recognized community health system, this organization established a region-wide (10 counties) network of highly regarded community and academic providers, comprised of  6,000 physicians, 18 hospitals, and 50+ urgent cares and surgery centers.


In its first three years since inception, the ACN launched a Commercial HMO product with 24,000 lives.

Concrete Wall

BDC Advisors was engaged to develop a strategy for significant growth in five years to become successful in an increasingly competitive Bay Area market.


Over the course of a five-month engagement, BDC facilitated conversations amongst the various provider organizations to develop a shared mission and vision.

San Francisco

BDC provided the foundation for the ACN’s five-year strategic plan and corresponding three-year implementation plan, which included a proposed expanded organizational chart including several new positions to support projected growth. The final strategic plan focused on a number of key initiatives including:


  • Broaden to a Multi-Product Offering

  • Achieve a Market Parity Premium Structure

  • Sell Effectively

  • Strengthen Infrastructure to Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Cost


Organizational Transformation for a Faculty Practice Plan

Philanthropic Foundation Strategy and Transformation from Grant Maker to Impact Investor

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