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Case Study

Philanthropic Foundation Strategy and Transformation from Grant Maker to Impact Investor

Health Enterprise Strategy & Organization

Concrete Wall
  • Health foundation desiring to improve health in three counties, provide greater health equity, and address health disparities

  • Health care delivery system fragmented: hospital centric vs. health centric; health care and social services sectors siloed

  • Small grant making foundation; no impact investments to support new long-term vision

Concrete Wall


  • Building awareness to improve individual and community well being, especially among low income and minority communities

  • Accomplishing strategic goals due to insufficient infrastructure and gaps in leadership

  • Developing meaningful community partnerships

Concrete Wall

Affirmed new strategy:

Facilitated three-day Board retreat

Developed market-facing roles:
Redesigned organization chart, revised position descriptions, developed evaluation forms, and aligned staff roles

Redesigned processes:
Reviewed best practices and designed new operational processes

Redesigned reports:
Revised reports inventory, redesigned existing reports, and added new dashboards

City from Below

Transformed team to focus on impact investments:

Serves as thought leader, policy advocate, and convener

Increased awareness:
Strong presence in local and broader philanthropic, health care, and health policy circles

Created framework and identified impact investment opportunity:
Reviewed best practices and designed new operational processes

Redesigned reports:
“Investing in care delivery transformation and innovation for vulnerable populations”


Developed a Growth Strategy for a Provider-Owned Accountable Care Network in the Bay Area

Organizational Transformation for a Faculty Practice Plan

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