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BDC’s, Bill Eggbeer, Winner of hfm Magazine’s Best Article

Healthcare Financial Management Association Announces BDC’s Bill Eggbeer as a Winner of hfm Magazine’s Best Article Award for FY2015

Miami, FL (Business Wire) September 24, 2015. “Health Care’s New Game Changer: Thinking Like a Health Plan” by Bill Eggbeer, Managing Director of BDC’s Payer-Provider Innovation Practice, and his colleague Krista Bowers, has been selected to receive the Helen Yerger/L. Van Seawell Award for outstanding editorial achievement in hfm Magazine in FY 2015. The award was made by a panel of industry leaders who reviewed all articles published in hfm Magazine during the year, making the award based on “technical quality and writing skills, and contributions to the literature of healthcare finance professionals.”

This is the second year in a row that Bill Eggbeer has won the award. In “Thinking Like a Health Plan,” Eggbeer and Bowers write that “to meet new market expectations hospitals and health systems are taking a page from the playbook of insurers in designing their approaches to population health management.” In the article, Eggbeer and Bowers identify ways in which health systems can learn to “Think Like a Health Plan” and take advantage of the opportunities presented by disruption in the healthcare market to increase both market share and value by adopting the techniques and skill sets of health plans to their provider operations.

BDC is one of the nation’s leading healthcare strategy consulting firms serving many of the leading regional and academic health systems in the nation. The firms practice covers a range of business strategy, operations, and leadership issues which health systems face making the transition to the new value-based payment systems of population health management.

For additional information, contact Bill Eggbeer, cell: 301-520-5572


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