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Bundled Payment Takeover?

Accountable Care News March 2015, Thought Leaders’ Corner

Accountable Care News approached Dale Anderson, M.D., Managing Director of BDC Advisor’s ACO practice, to discuss how Susan DeVore of Premier included “Bundled Payment Takeover” as one of five trends in 2015 in a recently written Health Affairs blog and whether bundled payments would overtake ACO shared savings models as the preferred value-based payment model of the future?

Dr. Anderson commented: “HHS Secretary Burwell jolted the provider community on January 26 with the announcement that 50% of provider payments will be value-based or based on a fee-for-service alternative payment method by 2018. Both ACO shared savings and bundled payments will certainly play a role in achieving the CMS goal. Most experts see shared-savings as a transitional model, allowing organized health systems time to put the systems and care model in place to successfully accept global population risk. However, since not all providers will be in position to bear significant risk, bundled payments may offer an attractive alternative with the potential to trim cost and improve quality.”


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